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{Solved} - Win 2000 Dead Defrag

Is there anything slower than that? thanks to this software, it saves my windows 8 computer. Will someone please explain then why spreading data so that arm movement is required is a good thing? Systems like SunOS or Solaris put /tmp into swap, so it was effectively erased at each reboot, and /var/tmp was where you kept ‘persistent work' files. weblink

Also, cleaning the registry is a terrible idea as it does NOT speed up your computer at all, and it imposes huge risks. All rights reserved. You can also allow the first ICMP function (echo, ping) or all of them. This is not to mention that ext2/3/4 do employ the concept of allocation units, although it is called "blocks" instead of "clusters". https://forums.techguy.org/threads/solved-win-2000-dead-defrag.29218/

Jim says: 7 years ago This is excellent. With the way linux does it, the drive is never contingous, therefore making it worst than Windows. May 30, 2012 Gerry @mitcoes: Don't feed the troll! …. Helpful.

Happy medium here. Thank you for signing up. Lost other functionality Some virus checkers can interfere, so disable your virus checker for now. AND........after all that the drive did not need defragmenting!

Repeat this many times and you waste a LOT of space. Oh, I can run it under wine? I'm sure it will help a lot of people. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/251990-32-lost-acces-slave-defrag-2000 Not a bad design idea.

Almost impossible to break, in fact I have never broken it with all the fiddling I do - installing/uninstalling all the FREE software to try out new things. The PC with an open source OS is close to the ideal of 'It just works'. Media Program Removal Tool http://support.microsoft.com/kb/886590/ Clean boot If the installer keeps complaining about files in use or mysterious access problems, try the following two approaches. These are very useful tips AJ says: 8 years ago Thank you for this helpful post.

If renaming fails at first, because the file on the disk is read-only, removing the read-only attribute may already cure the problem. https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-fix-stop-0x0000007b-errors-2624109 If you have a SATA drive and you’re running Windows Vista, you can speed up your PC by enabling the advanced write caching features. 66. Check "Allow incoming echo request". May 31, 2012 darwin OS X also does not require defrag.

I'm currently running Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Alpha 2 and use development version of Firefox, Pidgin and many other packages, but I haven't gotten to face much problems. http://webadapt.org/solved/solved-win-2k-networking.php my computer is running a lot faster. Move or change the location of your My Documents folder so that it is on a separate partition or hard drive. 27. Tweet Like Google+ Comments [197] Pliggs says: 8 years ago Wow, that's a long list, better get started.

Vista is indeed the Edsel of OS's. Update for Internet Explorer 6 for XP Service Pack 2 (KB885932) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=5437f94d-899f-425c-b2a4-893ba3a16d71 Cannot update—installer stops responding The following update helps resolve an issue where Windows Installer running on Windows XP Service People amaze me. http://webadapt.org/solved/solved-windows-2000-netbeui.php If the files are scattered across the entire disk, doesn't the read/write head have to move further, more often, in order to load a whole bunch of files?

It took two clicks! I have found those gaps to diminish a little more by repeating the defrag a few times with the windows util. If you swapped your network adapter and have a DHCP server in some other device like a cable modem or router that worked before you installed Service Pack 2, switch its

Best of all… it is FREE.

I have used it and I love it. Make a note of the name of the driver and check whether it changes. And, I guess I have less files than before in comparison to those unmovable files. Other "Assistant" on your computer are Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall. * Do "spotcheck" to your pc once a week.

Let's say there was a technology out there that could transfer your consciousness to a robotic body. Vijay says: 8 years ago Very useful tips. You can test where it is, in fact, the firewall by briefly disabling it, but do this only if you have no direct, unprotected Internet connection. this content those that came with a computer and are tied to that computer.

Startup with Last Known Good Configuration to undo related registry and driver changes. I wouldn't advise everyone to use for production systems yet. So think before your next "Just install ubuntu" comment, it doesn't make you sound clever. I'm sure you will love it, they are easy to use.

That's an old Word file native to Office 2003 and prior and supported by Office 2007 and latter via compability mode.