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{Solved} - Setting Up RAS On Win 3.11

The protocol.ini file contains the resources currently allocated for use by the network adapter driver. The default is determined during your software installation. I recommend that you run only MS-DOS or Windows 3.1 in standard mode on a computer with less than 2MB of RAM. HOSTSMicrosoft TCP/IP can be configured to search HOSTS (the local host table file) for mappings of remote host names to IP addresses. http://webadapt.org/solved/solved-down-hard.php

If the two values match, the connection is authenticated. You can use this same mechanism with any OEM driver—even those that are not included on the Windows NT Server CD-ROM—as long as it includes an NDIS 2.0 (real-mode) network driver. This limits the probability of being bumped off and having an impostor “hijack” your connection.In the case of PPTP, the secret is the password the user uses to log into the Implementing Layer 2 Connections Differences Between PPTP, L2F, and L2TP How PPTP Works Features of PPTP 5. http://windowsitpro.com/windows-client/top-10-ras-problems-solved

Caution Incorrectly adjusting the renewal interval might adversely affect system and network performance. Consider also your network transport bindings if you are using multiple network transports. A recursive resolution request tells the name server that the resolver expects a complete answer to the query, not just a pointer to another name server. Important To prevent addressing and routing problems, all computers on a logical network must use the same subnet mask and network ID.

But subnet masks are also used to further segment an assigned network ID among several local networks. This section assumes that your MS-DOS configuration is working properly. Select an appropriate Entry Name, and Description. By not using IPX for the RAS connection to the remote network, you keep local IPX connectivity.

The Windows 3.11 Machine is READY! (Your description field will not say Windows 95 DCC Host, this is ok) Windows 95 Computer Set-Up Click START / Settings / Control Panel Click If the entry remains releasedfor a certain period of time, the WINS server marks it as extinct, updates the version number, and notifies other WINS servers of the change. •If a For instance, it may go from Ethernet, to frame relay, to Ethernet again, to PPP over ISDN, and to Ethernet yet again before finally reaching its destination at the RAS server.The http://www.computing.net/answers/windows-31/vpn-pptp-client-for-windows-3x-or-dos/12419.html Why do I lose connectivity to my local NetWare servers?

This procedure is for WFW 3.11 installations with no networking installed, although, perhaps your network administrator could assist in the addition of RAS to your computer. Advantage are as follows: •M-node can cross routers.•Because b-node is always tried first, computers on the same side of a router continue to operate as usual if the WINS server is Note Sample versions of LMHOSTS and HOSTS files are added to the Windows NT \systemroot\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC directory when you install Microsoft TCP/IP. Do the same for the autoexec.bat file by removing the LOADHIGH or LH (for MS-DOS upper memory support) statements in front of any of your drivers.

Enabling this checkbox prevents any non-domain members from accessing the shared resources. Be sure to Allow incoming calls to this computer. However, a mapping in the database does not ensure that the related device is currently running, only that a computer claimed the particular IP address and it is a currently valid To speed the performance of DNS and ease the burden on both the internetwork and the other name servers, local name servers temporarily keep this information in a local cache.

Consult your modem documentation for any changes that must be made to achieve this emulation. this content Table 36.1 lists these entries. Enable the IPEnableRouter parameter. Select the protocol and then click the Settings button.

If you want to increase your buffer to 32KB, for example, change this value to 32. If you are using a Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking client, there's nothing you need to do to utilize compression. Add the client for Microsoft Networks: Now Determine the name of your windows 95 computer, this appears in the first box entitled "Computer Name". weblink The first thing to do is to determine whether the initial cause is Memory Manager related.

They are only used by the RAS Server to determine whether you have dial-in permission. If no account exists, fabricate a user name and click OK. autostart The Redirector that is in use.

Windows For Workgroups also included several application to take advantage of the built-in networking system.

This installs the appropriate Windows 3.x drivers for you to use in order to connect to your network resources. You use this dialog box to disable the client workstation's capability to share directories, printers, and Clipboard pages. This syntax for executing the command follows: NET DIAG /NAMES /STATUS Here, you can use /NAMES to specify the name of another diagnostic server to avoid potential collisions with other diagnostic This example uses w.x.y.z to designate the bytes of the IP address.

The default is Off. Client B switches to b-node and sends the query as a broadcast message on the local subnet.Client C responds directly to Client A with Client X's IP address.Client A receives the DisableOtherSrc-Packets is located in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subtree under the following subkey: \System\CurrentControl-Set\Services\RasArp\Parameters. check over here Perform this Setup Procedure on the Other Computer Host Computer Configuration Files may be shared in both directions using the new RAS service, therefore, it does not matter which is the