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{Resolved} - NT Boot Error - "Load Error! Press Any Key To Reboot." - Help ASAP

The Adaptec 39320A-R SCSI card, when interrogating this drive, stops with a message: Backup you data, the drive exceeds SMART threshold parameters, imminent failure may occur. When I try to capture an image with WinPE, in both cases, the PE images downloads and reboots the devices as it should, but when the devices come back up I Then power on the computer and see if it works. Read All 7 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 3.11 DB:3.11:Two Blue Screen Error Messages, Very Frequent, Many Crashes, Text Below Help! 8c Message 1 An error has occurred. his comment is here

You may need to keep older versions of some programs. 3 more replies Relevance 54.12% Question: load error! Press a key to reboot I finally could reboot with a diskette 1.44Mo on which are three files: boot.ini, bootfont.ini, ndetect.com, ntldr. The computer posts but immediately goes to a black screen that says PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT. Please Press Any Key to Continue...".

Recently, I downloaded several yahoo online games, trial version only, and the problem happened again. Thank you Joe DB:3.05:Non-System Disc, Press Any Key To Reboot km "Try Disk Utility 1. Press any key to reboot the machine. 6 more replies Relevance 52.89% Question: Insert system disk then press enter key to reboot I have this message error and i can't get Note: Modifying BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) settings incorrectly can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from booting properly.

It then says "Boot failure Insert boot disk in A: press any key when ready" Of course, I didn't make a repair disk either. This may be normal but even more annoying than that is whenever it shuts down from an overheat or it goes in to sleep mode or I ever have to manually Here, you select the partition you want to install Vista to [it would have been the original one: disk 0,... A few details on what exactly "nothing" is: In contrast to when you don't press any key, no more trailing .'s occur.

Press any key to continue..." I have to hit any key at least 5-6 times before booting to the desktop.I have just uninstalled the easy cd 5.0 program now and reinstalled used hjt numerous times and deleted 16 items for direct web search every time!! F11 system recovery - nada and finally F9 - again nothing. Press a key to reboot Well as your reinstalling all these programs fresh they'll all want to update and while updating to SP3 may have caused the load error its probly

on 2 occassions this has resulted in a blue screen stop and dump message (when I turned off auto-rebooting) which indicated some memory addresses. Feel free to post your query if you face any issues with Windows in the future. You willbe prompted for the administrator password, enter that password. If it does, manually re-enable one startup item at a time until you determine which item maybe causing the isse.4.

Please help ASAP. It wont load setup or boot menu yet when I plugged in the charger it seemed to setup a new menu which let me know I should plug in a 90W Insert Disk And Press Any Key To Continue 1a error message: no boot medium... It did the same thing.

Is there anyway to solve this problem without the windows 7 DVD? http://webadapt.org/resolved/resolved-nt-log-in.php i am still running XP. I get no error messages, just the press f1 to reboot message. I am happy to say I am typing this from my nice new Arch Linux setup, running xfce4!!!

Click on my username select start conversation and send me the details. 5 more replies Relevance 52.89% Question: No boot device found. When you power on enter the bios, is the drive detected? can any one help . http://webadapt.org/resolved/resolved-runtime-error-6-overflow-in-win2kpro.php It then goes and tries to boot from CDROM and then says press N to boot from network.

Thanks JJ Read All 2 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 3.06 DB:3.06:Windows Xp And 7 Starts With Soft Reboot kz How we can start windows xp and 7 with soft reboot. But I truly have no idea how to change that. drivers, and network card drivers.

Updating BIOS should only be done if necessary (to solve a compatibility problem, for example).

Tried to turn off the computer and start it up again in order to access the computer, log onto W7 and format the disks. Switched off again and left for 20 mins then restarted. No screen available to press, help. Done. 4096MB OK USB Device(s): 1 Keyboard, 1 Mouse, 1 Hub, 4 Storage Devices Auto-Detecting Pri Master..

Anyone know the cause of this problem? I expect that the computer seeing the hard drive, otherwise the Recovery disks would abort at not finding a hard drive. See if the hard drive is being seen in the Bios. check over here DB:3.05:Bootcamp "No Bootable Devices" Error 73 I'm trying to install windows on Boot Camp via USB.

This occurs on the 4th boot screen which is the one which normally shows Windows starting. Press any key to reboot the machine."I checked online and followed the solutions they mentioned like opening the bios and running the diagnostics scan which were unable to find anything wrong.I Press Enter When prompted to press any key to boot from the CD, press any key. Added sound card driver, vid.

the key is no longer locked. Unfortunately. Computer Support Forum PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT Question: PRESS ANY KEY TO REBOOT I was just using my PC when it seemed to run low on memory and my browser dd Osprey, I did FDisk and deleted the primary partition that existed, I then re partitioned with FDisk at that point and am now re formatting HD and re loading w98

affected mac book pro. A+ DB:3.71:Press F1 To Reboot ja Hello ALL , I am facing the same Problem with my MCS Compaq Servers. DB:3.07:Reboot Problems, Error Disk Boot Error, Please Install Disk And Press Any Key 7f Hi, We are glad to know that the issue is resolved. I have never tampered with the hard disc.Around 5 days ago my laptop suddenly showed an extra drive which showed some error when i tried to open it.Yesterday I deleted the

Any ideas? help me tech support forums ...