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{Moved To Win9x OS} - Windows "time Out"

Despite the mostly recreational aspect of the Plus pack, a few components—such as the McAfee VirusScan, compressed folders and improved file cleaner—may be of interest to government users.Tip 91: McAfee VirusScan My IT friends, and associates thought this was quite humourous and completely illogical. Several InvalidateRect()s can happen before the paint message is sent. Unload DLL's Unsigned Drivers View Settings Welcome Screen XP CD Path XP Firewall XP Missing or Corrupt Files Device Manager Change a Devices Resources Device Mgr Networking Information OSI 7 Layer http://webadapt.org/moved-to/moved-to-operating-system-forum-windows-98-programming-error.php

Tip 72: Win98 includes 15 Troubleshooting Wizards for such problem areas as networking, printing, hardware conflicts and modems. Hangs at various times, not simultaniously on both w/s. Servers will pass user name lists to other computers. Then click the View tab, which is between General and File Types.

We get Exception errors after programs have been active for extended periods of time. Messages sent but trashed before being delivered are no longer returned! Click the Web tab then uncheck the box "View my Active Desktop as a Web page."Tip 66: Microsoft claims Win98 boots up faster and shuts down quicker. Hurry!

No, create an account now. The /u sets the Format command to unconditional mode, which means it will not save information to unformat the disk later.Tip 70: With 6.4G, 8.4G and even 14.1G hard drives standard At minimum, back up all essential data on a medium that can be accessed should the upgrade fail. The browser pops up everywhere.

Evaluation of the script occurs at level #0. Auto-spell-checking is now faster. Once finished, the NT Boot Manager will give the option of NT or 98.Tip 82: On systems with only Win98, simply start the NT installation process. ALL - If the application gets a quit request while it is in the background (i.e.

ALL - Log window now remembers whether it was left open or closed. asdf says: February 20, 2006 at 10:32 pm Perforator: http://windowssdk.msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/wcp_tools/html/a3a04a83-2488-435b-a073-80f94dae9c04.asp AnotherMatt says: February 20, 2006 at 11:26 pm Hey Raymond, Great article. Most computer makers began installing Win98 earlier this month, although Microsoft officially released the OS only last week. I guess my question really is … >are paint messages sent if the window is totally >covered?

I didn't bother writing this more complicated version because it would just be a distraction from the point of the article. http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=456867 Then some systems slowed down slightly during large-file access.Tip 65: Does it seem that the screen redraw is a little slow? This may be due to a different default refresh rate for the monitor. load and scroll more quickly.

This means that with the exception of after 0 and after idle, it can be subverted by changes in the system time. this content It's useful for getting the tightest possible event. But from after 2 on, both variations yield much too high delays (at least on the windows platform).This script illustrates events at various intervalsproc print {} { global ary state puts The best example that I can think of is Visual Studio 2005. (this can be a little maddening because it doesn't repro 100 percent of the time, but here goes): Create

Is it a token ring network? 5) If you disconnect the network, does the program still hang? 6) Is the network a new installation? Install Win98 to a different directory because it will not recognize the NT installation. We launched the FAT32 Drive Converter, found under System Tools in the Accessories folder. weblink To turn off this feature, right-click on a vacant area of the desktop and choose Properties.

ALL - Fixed a big memory leak, this especially affected stability under OS 9. Restart the PC in MS-DOS mode and copy all of the files in W98bkup to the Windows directory. Also, check for software products that have earned the Windows NT/98 logo from Microsoft, at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/thirdparty/winlogo/.

ALL - double clicking on a template icon now reloads the template even if you've already typed something in the oubox. (Option/Alt clicking has always done this.) ALL - The URL

This would actually be a performance booster that worked!? The exact duration of the delay is operating system-dependent. Brian Friesen says: February 20, 2006 at 3:33 pm Thanks for the explaination. Restore the Windows directory to a new directory and call it W98bkup.

On many new desktop PCs, buyers can opt for the more stable and powerful—but less friendly—Windows NT Workstation 4.0. Also, a number of bugs were fixed in the classic version which would cause the scroll position to bounce around. Although we can not supply a complete list of the utilities involved, be prepared to upgrade some applications. check over here LONG m_fChanged; }; DWORD RootWindow::ThreadProc(void *p) { RootWindow*self = reinterpret_cast(p); for (int i = 0; i < 100000; i++) { self->m_value++; InterlockedCompareExchangeRelease(&m_fChanged, TRUE, FALSE); } MessageBeep(-1); return 0; } LRESULT RootWindow::OnCreate()

To get around this, back up the entire hard drive, including the directory where Win98 is. This will increase available memory and increase the speed of system startup. This issue started couple months ago and is increasing in frequency. It becomes necessary to Ctrl/Alt/Dlt if the program doesn't shut itself down.