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{MOVED To Win NT} Shortcut To Shutdown NT4

monitor) If you do manage to "lock yourself out" with an unsuitable setting which renders your display unusable (some monitors will give reports like "Display Out of Range" or may simply Path Copy by Ninotech - Adds a context menu entry to allow you to copy the current path and / or filename of a selected file to the clipboard. Typing the access key for an option control will also move the focus to the control and select it. How are you going to handle updates and changes? his comment is here

Legal Advice To display legal warnings on a user's monitor when he logs in, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon key. Wiretap NT NT Server 4.0 includes a software-based protocol analyzer or so-called "sniffer" dubbed Network Monitor. The keyboard focus goes to the least recently selected icon on the desktop. SlowKeys ignores keys that are pressed accidentally or for a short time. http://www.shortcutmania.com/Windows-NT-Keyboard-Shortcuts.htm

Applications affected by this problem include fax software that functions as a custom NT print driver, most NT remote control hosts (the client software usually continues to work), and Network File Press ESC to cancel. Press ENTER to set the split bar in the desired location. From an NT command prompt, run IPCONFIG.EXE to check the local IP addresses, then use PING.EXE to check low-level connectivity.

You may wish to keep a copy of the "patched" Explorer.exe now in use in a safe place, in case you need to rebuild the NT 4.0 installation at some future Right-click on Start and, to create an item for the currently logged on user, select Explore. There's a lot to think about, and deploying a solution requires careful planning. Rick earned BS and MBA degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and spent several years developing software applications for mainframe computers before turning to microcomputer database development tools in

Add SHIFT to reverse direction through the list. If you don't have the disks, make them with NT Setup: Start/Run WINNT32.EXE /O from the \i386 (or \MIPS, \ALPHA or \PPC as appropriate) directory of your NT distribution CD. You can add one or more additional input locales and layouts, set up a special key combination to change layouts, and display a two-letter locale identifier on the Taskbar. http://www.fnal.gov/docs/pc/nt_at_fermilab/html/current/ntguide.6.html Site Management It's possible to manage all of your Exchange sites from your NT desktop.

The way that works even on NT 4: You can use the Win+R shortcut to open the "Run" dialogue. It allows an administrator to restrict a particular user's application rights. The Task Bar Clock: The Microsoft presentation of time on the taskbar (in the bottom right hand corner) is extremely limited. Keys: SHIFT+F10 or Application key (also the right mouse click) Action: Opens the shortcut menu for the active item.

Every time you start a program or open a window, a button representing that window appears on the taskbar. Then: To select a group of adjacent files, press Shift and at the same time click on the last one you want (if you have icons displayed in a grid, you up vote 76 down vote favorite 19 Nowadays on Windows 7, if I have no mouse on my computer I just press Win Button+->+Enter: This makes my computer shutdown without needing You can put shortcuts to any program or document on your desktop or on your Start menu and give them shortcut keys.

The Start Button, Taskbar and your Desktop Icons will NOT be present - they are created by Explorer.exe which is NOT running. this content Write Time for a Change The old Windows Write accessory from NT 3.x is replaced by a new WordPad accessory in NT 4.0. No Postage Necessary NT 4.0 (Server and Workstation) includes a free workgroup version of Microsoft Mail that can be used in conjunction with the Windows Messaging e-mail client. Deleted Desktop If you can do without the regular NT 4.0 desktop permanently, it's possible to start with just the Task Manager-or even with an NT command prompt.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Hello, Out There When a Windows NT system has trouble accessing a network, try the net send and /BROADCAST commands. First, right-click on the Start button, and select Explore from the context menu. weblink Right-clicking on the lights displays a context menu with options to open the full Dial-up Monitor interface that provides information on any open connections.

Click on OK and follow the instructions. PWS is installed from the Add/Remove Programs icon in the NT 4.0 Control Panel. Dialog boxes often contain groups of controls necessary to set options or settings for programs.

To exit a program, click on its X button.

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Next, authenticate the Domain in which the Exchange Server resides. He wrote a simple programme called "savescrn.exe" which can call a screen saver executable, and results in the correct password lock occurring. Use ARROW KEYS to move the window, followed by ENTER to accept or ESC to cancel. check over here Press F6 and ARROW KEYS.

Within a list box, list view, tree view, or on the desktop, you can select an item by typing the first one or more characters in its name. Do you have the support infrastructure in place? Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 Server operating systems include built-in support for the multifunction DEC network adapter. Shift+SPACE Extends the selection to the current item.

In an extended selection list box, add SHIFT to select additional items and add CTRL to move to an item without selecting it. TAB Moves between the last selected icon on the desktop, the Start button on the taskbar, and the taskbar as a whole. Copying a File to the Same Folder To make a copy of a file within the same folder, click on item to select it, then press . Move the split bar to the desired location using the ARROW KEYS.

The Add Printer Wizard will appear. You can disable command enhancements with the NT Registry Editor (REGEDT32.EXE). Identical Twins? When you click on Start , a menu similar to that shown below pops up with options to let you start programs, list documents you've opened recently, change settings of system