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{DUPLICATE} I've Got A Real Tough One


Half doing the job would have just lead to more confusion. The real thing is much better. The real ones also should have a good quality backlight. Unfortunately, using the canonical tag (IV-5) means you'll lose the ranking ability of that content, but it could keep you from getting penalized or having Panda-related problems. (18) Scraped Content Scraped

Unless I'm missing something?

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Surely this is more of a duplicate content issue than a rel canonical issue. Contrary to what some people believe, cross-domain duplicates can be a problem even for legitimate, syndicated content. It's up to us, as the designers to educate our clients, introducing them to a new language (forgive me if this sounds in any way grandiose), from which to work with. I am hoping that it will make the site more trustworthy and improve rankings for the pages that do have original content. http://fitsmallbusiness.com/how-to-detect-counterfeit-money/

How To Tell If Money Is Real

The main thing to look for is that something is engraved on the back of the metal clasp. i recieved my g shock and the adjust button on my dw-6900cs is pushed in more than the other buttons. We're always influenced, whether we realize it or not, by everything we've ever seen and with hundreds of years of art and decor and fashion it's hard to be truly original. And a partial model number will always be engraved on the case back.

JJC 12 April, 2010 6:01pm hey Riley, I Just recieved my G-shock mini on ebay and Im kind of worried its fake. I didn't duplicate it exactly and I wasn't trying to. And your thoughts are so well stated -- "I think sometimes we get very caught up in thinking that we are the sole creator of something, when it is possible for How To Tell If A 100 Dollar Bill Is Real From 1985 i recreate things all the time that i see in magazines or online for my own home, for my own use but would never ever list them, say, on etsy or

From an SEO perspective, most of the inbound link authority is also passed to the new page. How To Tell If An Old 100 Dollar Bill Is Real If someone doesn’t “know” their work is being copied it still hurts them—lost revenue possibilities, loss of work opportunities, employment, etc.Sadly I do not think the customer base would exercise this Raised Printing All authentic US reserve notes have raised printing. read this post here ANOTHER QUESTION…SO THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SPORTS GSHOCK?!?!?

I'm okay with this -- it's even happened to me -- I thought I came up with something original and found a similar thing flipping through a magazine a few weeks How To Tell If A 50 Dollar Bill Is Real That G-Shock is supposed to have a big nylon band like that. There isn't much you can do about it except hope that someone else will run their business with integrity. Something I have been thinking about and not heard anyone else talk about is the fact that many of us with online shops use site tracking data that tells us a

How To Tell If An Old 100 Dollar Bill Is Real

Yesterday, I have added my question on SEOmoz. learn this here now Lots of real G-Shocks are "Made in China". How To Tell If Money Is Real A few readers asked me to if I can give them a tutorial of how she did it -- as in, step by step. How To Tell If A 20 Dollar Bill Is Real It's popular with discount sellers since it probably costs retailers slightly less than the nicer metal tin packages.

In the old days, that might just mean that the wrong page got filtered out. juliet 08 December, 2009 11:33am hi! All the security measures are there except for the black light which was unavailable to check. You can search Google or the Watch Archive and compare your G-Shock to photos of a confirmed real one. How To Tell If A One Dollar Bill Is Real

No apology, but at least I like to think I got her to realize a few things, on a primary level anyway, because she did not remove her other items which Dezza 14 March, 2010 12:03am Hi Riley, I was wondering if you could give your opinion on the authenticity of this product? I really think this is a major issue and a very difficult one to address. Thanks again -gabe Riley 05 January, 2010 11:24am gdbell, Stay far away from eBay seller bernardino973.

Usually, that was ok. How To Check If Money Is Real With A Marker wish i would have paid a few more dollars and bought somewhere more reputable. Good artists steal." -Pablo Picasso Reply will March 12, 2010 at 2:16 pmi agree with others who have noted that the dividing line between acceptable copying and unacceptable copying is whether

You have to be REALLY careful with Bapes because fakes probably outnumber real ones a 1000 to 1.

That's the best way to tell.JasonReply NuriaSeptember 25, 2016 at 7:41 pmHello Jason, I have a 100 dollar bill from 1985, I'm not sure if such an old bill would have You just have to tread carefully when you go to make changes. If that happens, then rel=canonical abuse is the least of your problems. How To Tell If A Old 20 Dollar Bill Is Real Then, once in a while, boom - a bunch of problems.

I don't know if I'm being clear on what I'm trying to explain here.

Submit Cancel Jason Meininger 2013-04-18T05:24:50-07:00 Super helpful, Pete, thanks. Even some of the the nicer models. Printers are rarely capable of the same level of detail. I’ve seen too many situations where the opposite was true.

Truly scary. Will i be safe? moneymakinJay 08 April, 2010 4:40pm so its real the1henry 09 April, 2010 12:04pm hey riley, i just bought a g shock off ebay. If the PPC URLs start attracting links or shares I'll have an argument to do something other than NOINDEX them. =)

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Thanks Pete.

Our campaign management tools here at SEOmoz track rel=canonicals and can help you spot problems, but we don't have a good way to tell, except in extreme cases, if the canonicals However, now that I have entered this exciting world I've been a wee bit scared of showing any of my work for fear of being accused of copying, even though I sebspeed 01 April, 2010 3:46pm Hi Riley, can you tell me if this gshock is real or not? But, with the rise of digital printing and counterfeiters specifically treating their bills so they will not respond to the pen test, you can no longer rely on the counterfeit pen

Glows green under UV light $50 - Right around the middle. March 12, 2010 at 2:44 pmGoodness, I get requests often to make bags "similar to [such and such]". You can see Jason’s pottery at rueger-pottery.com. Riley 19 January, 2010 9:03pm There's a few exceptions, but most every G-Shock says "Casio" on it somewhere.

That was one of the biggest challenges of writing the post - at least half the scenarios I discuss have many incarnations and the "right" solution can be very situational.

Submit I've never been asked to replicate someone else's work but I certainly see lots of people "copying" other people's work. Most sites will at least feign "impossible technical implementation" even if they do understand what you are asking for. You could say well who "owns" chevron?