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{Advice Offered} Shortcut To Shutdown NT4

This will create some missing Quick Launch icons & register the Desktop Update. Right-click on the shortcut again and select 'Pin to Start' Copyright © 2001-2017 WinTips Web | All Rights Reserved ERPMan's Computer Tips for Windows page: [part 1] Updated: Monday October 31, I have now confirmed that the Winsock 2.2 patch does not overwrite crucial system files from the DUN 1.4 update for Win95. For those using WinXP original only (WinXP without SP1 or higher installed) install the TweakUI v2.0 powertoy from this MS site. navigate here

Note: This will not work for pre-packaged systems like Dell or Compaq as they have already changed and moved these logos to replace with their own. 08. Why not place this tip on a desktop shortcut for easy access? The upside of this site at http://promos.mcafee.com/speedometer/test_0600.asp is the report that lets you know how fast your Internet connection is. e.g. https://mgconsulting.wordpress.com/2013/04/13/windows-8-shortcuts-to-shutdown-and-restart/

This tip does not work with other Windows OSs (not even under Windows NT4, 2000, ME, XP & higher). Defragging a hard drive boosts performance, even by a little bit and possibly extends the life of a hard drive. I hope this helps. Name the value Nx Double-click on it and set it's value to 1 Close the registry Now the menu options will be grayed out.

Viewing and Extracting the contents of MSU Update Packages for Windows Vista, Server 2008 & Higher: Read MS article 928636 on how to view and extract the contents of MSU packages MSAFD NetBIOS [\Device\NetBT_Tcpip... MSAFD NetBIOS [\Device\NetBT_Tcpip... In that case find and rename all traces of the 'ie_extra.cat' file and then try to rename the msieftp.dll file & you should get the regular HTML view for FTP sites

IP SEC - Manages IP security policy and starts the ISAKMP/Oakley (IKE) and the IP security driver. If you want to format it with FAT32: You can use a regular Win98 Boot disk and use that version of FDISK to create the partition (with Large Hard Drive Support) In the Shortcut Overlay section choose None and click on OK to save changes. anchor godfather23-09-2003, 11:50 PMI agree.

There's also Never10 from the GRC.com web site that does something similar. WorldStart's Tech Tips Newsletter Tech Tips Daily - Become a tech pro! VIEW STATUS Control Panel / Network Connections / Double click the icons for your network (If the network has an icon in the system tray you can also just double click Indexing Service - Indexes contents and properties of files on local and remote computers; provides rapid access to files through flexible querying language.

Re-Enabling System Restore Added 3/3/02 If you previously disabled system restore through the Group Policy Editor, the option to start it again does not show in the System Properties. http://erpman1.tripod.com/cmptips1.html Also note that before installing the March 7, 2002 [MS02-014] Security Update under Windows 98, 95/NT4 with Active Desktop (yes, the update DOES install under Win95 with Active Desktop from at In the File Name field, type "backup" (again without quotes), in the Save In field select Desktop, in the Export Range group box select all, and click on Save. Netcraft also provides uptime data and plots a graph; or, if no data is available, it will begin to monitor the site and provide statistics in a few days. 11.

EFS is not available on Windows XP Home Edition, even if you are using the NTFS file system under XP Home edition. check over here These are created every three hours within a four-mile grid, more specific and frequent than information received from the National Weather Service. My preference is UltraEdit Copy the \windows\explore.exe file to a new name (e.g. Now, we believe in recycling, but this is stretching it a bit. 14.

One must often tolerate annoyances for the service a site has to offer, for free. 12. click here after that I'm out of ideas. :-( powerless 22:14 04 Oct 03 click here+ keith-236785 23:17 04 Oct 03 have you tried pressing the power button on Requesting Hotfixes from Microsoft by either Email or Phone: Read this TheHotfixShare.net forum topic on the four methods of requesting hotfixes from Microsoft either by email or by phone. his comment is here Open the Windows Explorer Go to Tools / Folder Options / File Types Scroll down to the extension you want to change Click on the Change button Select the program you

Allows dial-in access. If you are not using Remote Desktop you don't need this service. In response to comments about the unreliability of the onboard Windows defrag utility, a number of readers recommended the Microsoft WinMe Defrag.

The setup is a breeze.

Click OK in the warning box that says “choose an icon from the list or specify a different file”. Also, the newly released KB3184143 update should remove the KB3035583 update along with any GWX related stuff on Windows 7 & 8.1. Error Reporting Service - Allows applications to send error reports to Microsoft in the event of an application fault. If you are not on a domain, you likely don't need this running.

READERS WRITE. Change the registry so shared folders on remote computers are not automatically added to My Network Places when you even open a document from that shared folder Start Regedit Create a Its not a shutdown "in a flash" by the way. weblink Smart Card Helper - Enables support for legacy non-plug and play smart-card readers used by this computer.

You can edit this with any plain text editor like Notepad (may need to unhide the file first) Right click on My Computer Select Properties Click on the Advanced tab Under And you may have to either disable the user account control [UAC] feature or run this old File Manager program with full administrative privileges so that it will show the contents Get your issue sent to your email every Friday! Windows XP with at least Service Pack 1 & Windows Server 2003 users should get TweakUI 2.1 at this MS site.

godfather23-09-2003, 11:08 PMWhy should there be any "fish hooks"? Thank you, Dumb bell. Contact David S about the problem with the File Manager ACLs not working correctly under Win8.1/Win10, which may require newer & revised ACL wrappers for these Windows OSes. Download it free at http://www.hyperionics.com and pay $35 to register it and remove a print overlay.