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The workaround, and this is the really strange part, is to restart the computer, make a duplicate of the file on the server and then open the duplicate. Are any changes required on the firewall required? The server is Windows NT V4.0 running Service Pack 5. Todd Parkhill said (June 29): I moved the share point of my Mac shares from the root of the drive "E:\" to the main folder "E:\Software" and now I can not navigate here

Reply This is IK October 31, 2016 at 11:00 am # I try the tips given above but nothing changes.after I have format my system it was win 7 b4 when Please note, when you join a domain, your might be required to change your password on first log in. February 5, 1999 -- Our Server Tips page shows how to prevent Macs from crashing during a find file by disabling catsearch on the server, but Siraaj Rashada reports that their The Mac giving the "error type -110" is indeed running [Norton AntiVirus] 5.0.3.

These are reported here. Oct. 13, 1998 Dan Schwartz Dagfinn Andersen definitely needs to be using a U.P.S. BTW, Inoculan has done a terrific job for us catching and removing Autostart viruses transferred on the net by the Mac clients. The RAID controllers are integrated into the 30 Gig SCSI RAID, so NT sees the drives as single SCSI drives with no LUNs.

No big deal usually but I have seen reports that Norton AV Autoprotect v7, nav2001 can make the UNCs extremely slow. I'm not clear on the details but apparently there's something the client software want's to do that involves using a hidden folder on the Search for: SERVER 2012 However, there is no info on their web site discussing the issue. Search through over 5000+ Articles!

On occasion a Mac will lose IP connectivity. Thanks for the tech tip. The server has not slowed down as normal and has not been out of action. this contact form At which point in time the server is fine because the Mac on the next desk is using it.

Make it start after. The file or folder is GONE, deleted. The problem: "The installation of Service Pack 4 caused all links in PageMaker documents (and some Quark documents also) to be lost. The solution is give users root access.

TIP: Problem and solution with NT SP4 Y2k installation. http://www.macwindows.com/NTSP4.html The duplicate will open fine, and then you can close the duplicate and open the original with no problems. Maybe they get a different time-stamp. We also have another response about the problem: Sept. 17, 1998 John Wolf We have also encountered problems with Illustrator and NT 4.0.

They may in fact be completely unrelated problems. http://webadapt.org/advice-given/advice-given-nt4-server-dhcp.php When the items are in the top-portion of the "Items Found" box, Option-Command Drag the file to the local hard drive to create an alias. Gordon Guest Can I upgrade a win 2000 sp4 member server to win 2003 member server in an NT4 domain structure? You can resolve by removing RestrictAnonymous or by placing the PDCs address in the WINS server db or LMHosts.

A secondary cause for this is that the disk is over about 75%-80% full, causing the MFT (Master File Table) to become fragmented. Viola... I have had this happen with random files and an occasional folder. his comment is here Re-applying your latest service pack usually cures the problem.

And then you'll need to restart to complete the process. NT4 and Service Pack 4 loaded. The FileMaker host then becomes visible again.

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Very useful! With great result!! Thanks a bunch for this suggest @Mark. We couldn't use the above utilities to deleted the virus from Unix.

About Us Windows Vista advice forums, providing free technical support for the operating system to all. I am getting the following message when I try to open a file in the "Items Found" box in Sherlock. "Cannot perform this command because "file name" is inside an invisible NT Workstations get odd message with SFM April 1, 1999. weblink NThelp newsgroup tech help for Administrators and security professionals LinuxHelp (NEW) newsgroup tech help for Administrators and users Opinion and Ramblings Antivirus companies are spamming you (article) (old news) NT4 Worm

Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q150734 has a complete list of the all the bugs fixed in SP4. His description of the problem is similar to what other readers have reported: "When I install the 128-bit SP4, I can't log in after the reboot. If I log them out on the Mac and log in as as administrator and then log out and relog them in, without saving their login name, and then log them The files were indicated as "open" in the MacFile control panel on the NT.

If you know the answer to that, please let us know. USB : NT 4 does not have support for USB. Illustrator files won't open. No RAM or disk space limitations. "LAN/WAN 2500+ clients; 250+ servers; AppleTalk is not routed for most subnets." The Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q158903 describes the reasons for the problem, which

Art Bunch posted Jul 9, 2016 Microsoft.net framework install... Please tell as about it. You can reset the domain password and it does not help. (all assuming that the user is attempting to logon to the domain and not the local workstation).